Freezing fruit or keeping summer for longer

Casandra Greer
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I don’t think anyone needs convincing about the benefits of freezing fruits and vegetables. At the moment we have free access to most seasonal fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, they won’t stay with us for long, so it’s worth stopping the summer and preparing well for autumn and winter by preparing frozen food.


Both vegetables, fruits and herbs do not lose their flavor, nutrition, color or structural properties by freezing them. Especially if we do it right. In order to enjoy the sweet taste of strawberries, raspberries or cherries in winter, it’s enough to buy some more, wash them thoroughly, dry and spread out on plates and put in the fridge. After a few hours you can take them out and put them into one container or bag. Using this method in the winter, we can use single, unstuck fruit for pies or oatmeal without much trouble.


The same principle applies to vegetables. We can prepare smaller portions of broad beans, spinach, green beans, peeled and chopped carrots, parsley, cauliflower, leeks or celery, which will be a great addition to soups or sauces. It’ s a good idea to label bags and containers with frozen foods so you know what’s in them, and when they were packaged.

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