Which console soundbar to choose?

Casandra Greer
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Wondering which soundbar is best to purchase? Which one will work best with your console and give you great sound? Video games these days are at a very high level, so it is advisable to get a gaming audio system that will allow you to experience the game properly

Soundbars are meant to guarantee the user compatibility between sound quality and picture quality. They are placed under, in front of, or above the TV. They usually contain at least two speakers and are equipped with a separate subwoofer to produce sound at lower frequencies for you.

When buying a soundbar, you should pay attention to whether it supports pass-through, which is the further transmission of the signal to the TV. A useful feature is the soundbar’s support for eARC, which will bring audio information from the console to the audio system in its original form. However, this feature is currently available in a very limited number of models. It can be found in the latest TVs such as the Samsung QLED

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Which soundbar to choose?

Playing video games becomes immediately much more enjoyable when we have equipment that offers the highest quality sound. If you spend a lot of time gaming and are wondering which soundbar to choose, we’d like to point out that it’s not advisable to go for heavily featured 5.1 or 7.1 setups. Smaller sets such as 2.0 and 2.1 will be ideal for gaming. It’s worth choosing models from reputable companies such as JBL, Creative, Sharp. Panasonic, Samsung or LG, which have good reviews and are proven

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