What are the best pots for houseplants?

Casandra Greer
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Plants warm up the interior, they can be small, mingling on a windowsill or cabinet, or large and spreading, standing on the floor. An indispensable home for each of them is a pot, which does not only have a decorative function. What do you need to know about pots? How best to fit them and what to pay attention to? We explained everything in the article below.

Requirements of houseplants vs. pots

A plant needs a pot in which it can grow freely, and the right conditions for it. Before buying, let’s always check what requirements a specimen has. This information can be found in the attached label. If it does not mention the pot, and more specifically, what material it is to be made of, we are free to choose one that we simply like. However, let’s pay attention to several parameters.

Remember that each flowerpot must have a hole or several holes in the bottom. If it happens that there are none, let’s make one. On top of that, it should also be proportional to the plant. This means that the larger the plant, the larger the pot we buy for it. For example, orchids feel better in tight vessels, which with their walls limit the growth of the root system. Mostly round pots are available on store shelves, although there is no shortage of rectangular pots for herbs or geraniums and those of original shape.

The place where the plant will stand is also not without significance. If it prefers a sunny corner, then do not choose pots that heat up quickly and are dark in color.

Types of pots – how to choose the best one for a given plant?

Now that we know what to follow when buying a flowerpot, it now remains to see what types are available. Pots can be:

  • ceramic – they are by far the most popular. They come in a wide range of colors. There is also no problem with choosing the size, because we can find the right model for a small cactus, as well as for a sizeable monster. Such pots are stable, maintain temperature well and drain excess water. They also in no way block the plants’ access to oxygen;
  • plastic – these are also encountered in a variety of forms. However, they are so light that they can easily fall over. When shopping, let’s check the quality of the plastic, to see if it is so thin that it will serve a very short time. In addition, plastic flower pots are not very resistant to sunlight. What speaks for them is the low price;
  • wooden – they too should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Before putting a plant in them it is necessary to impregnate them well, they can be painted. They look magnificent and warm up the interior;
  • concrete – raw. They fit perfectly with succulents, among other things. They, too, can be painted in any color;
  • rattan and technorattan – they are suitable not only for the terrace, balcony and garden, but also for the living room or hallway. They present themselves really original.

Interestingly, flower pots also come in a hanging version, on special racks. We especially recommend placing several models next to each other. Pots entwined with macramé are still making a furore. In fact, there are many possibilities, and certainly everyone will easily choose the perfect pot and for his plant and interior.

main photo: unsplash.com/freddie marriage

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