When you start your adventure with cycling, it is important to remember not only about choosing the right equipment, but also about the position you should adopt during the ride. It will help to avoid bigger body fatigue as well as many injuries. How should it look like?

Correct position on a bike

Appropriate positioning of a bicycle will help us in adopting and keeping correct position while riding a bike. Incorrectly adjusted will cause that after riding a few kilometers we can have to deal with pain in joints and muscles. Posture on mountain bike is different from the one we have when getting on city bike and we have to remember about it. However, each time we must remember about the correct position of the handlebars (straight back and a right angle between the arm and the torso), the saddle (the height of the saddle is appropriate when in the lowest position we do not have to bend the knee), the distance of the saddle from the handlebars and the angle between the back and the shoulders

Recently bike fitting, i.e. professional adjusting of a position on a bicycle, has become more and more popular. Specialist will help us to adjust our equipment and will give us tips which will be adjusted only to our bicycle and body posture

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