How do I reduce my electricity costs?

Casandra Greer
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Electric bills have been, are, and will continue to be – especially in this day and age when most home amenities are based on electronics. However, there are a few real-life ways to reduce your electricity costs. How to do it

Electricity, is getting more and more expensive. That’s why it’s worth paying attention to your daily habits, because changing a few of them can save you a lot of money on an annual basis. Here are some small changes you can make right away, as well as some bigger and longer-term ones that will make your home energy-efficient.

Turn appliances off at night

It seems trivial, but many of us still don’t remember to do it. To save electricity, always switch off your appliances at night or when you are not using them. Remember that, contrary to what you might think, standby mode also makes your electricity bill higher. The often practiced “stand by” is the enemy of savings, so it is worth starting a fight with your habits. That is why it is worth remembering to connect the most frequently used equipment to one surge strip and use its switch to cut off the current. Thanks to this there will be no need to run around the entire apartment and turn off each equipment in turn, and it is a more ecological solution.

Boiling water in an electric kettle

Did you know that the more water in an electric kettle, the more energy it “consumes” for cooking? That’s why it’s a good idea to check the capacity of your cup and pour as much water into the kettle as you need at any given moment. If you want to drink tea, for example, why pour as much as half a liter of water into the kettle? If you put less water in it, it will boil much faster and you will save some electricity.

Energy saving light bulbs and appliances

Energy saving light bulbs are becoming cheaper and available everywhere. That is why it is a good idea to replace your regular lights with led ones. This will save a lot of electricity and will be a better solution in terms of the environment. Also consider the power of the bulb. It is known that the more powerful it is, the more electricity it will consume. So do you really need as much as 400 watts in a light lamp? It is also worth thinking about other appliances that can be replaced with energy saving ones. Old fridges, washing machines or televisions consume a lot of electricity, so if you decide to replace any of these appliances in your home, choose an energy-efficient option – preferably one marked as class A+++.


It is impossible to talk about saving electricity without mentioning photovoltaics. Photovoltaic installations are reliable and safe and environmentally friendly, plus they do not make noise or cause pollution. It is a substantial investment, but extremely worthwhile. Home photovoltaic installation allows you to become independent from rising energy prices. It is also worth considering the most modern solution, which are the BIPV modules, or photovoltaics integrated with the building. They are an integral part of the building, which performs not only the function of providing energy, but also has other tasks. For example, they can be used as roofing or part of the facade, decoration, or even placed on windows. BIPV modules not only help to reduce the cost of electricity used in a building, but they are also an attractive visual addition to its design. If you are interested in this solution, be sure to check out the offer available at

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