The washing machine does not draw rinse liquid – what to do?

Casandra Greer
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Many people love soft, fragrant laundry right out of the washing machine. This effect is achieved by using a fabric softener. It makes clothes smell nice and stay fresh for longer. The liquid is placed in a special chamber in the washing machine and as a standard the washing is set according to individual preferences. There are cases that after taking wet clothes out of the washing machine, there is no smell of the liquid at all, and in addition, it is in the chamber in the same condition as before washing. What to do when the washing machine does not draw rinse liquid?

Check the cleanliness of the rinse liquid compartment in the storage drawer

A trivial reason, but quite common. All liquids and powders leave deposits on the walls of the tray drawer. The water, which takes the liquid, does not always rinse it all out of the chamber, therefore small amounts remain there. The longer you use your washing machine, the more residual liquid collects, building up. If the drawer is not cleaned regularly, the water inlet or outlet can become clogged and consequently obstructed. Then the washing machine does not draw the rinse liquid and it does not reach the clothes in the drum.

To prevent this situation, wash the dispenser compartments. In some models of washing machines, the drawer can be pulled out and disassembled for a thorough cleaning. In washing machines without such an option, it is best to clean the drawer with a cloth or brush (e.g. toothbrush), which helps to reach the more difficult places. Be careful not to bend the drawer or detergent compartments and further disrupt the operation of the machine.

Clogged dispenser

If cleaning the chamber didn’t help, it could mean the dispenser is more heavily soiled. It is located above the chamber and regulates the flow of water that takes the liquid and delivers it to the drum of the washing machine. Dirt, and especially limescale, are the main culprits for clogging the dispenser. You can try cleaning it with a soft wire and a scale remover. Remember to rinse off the cleaning agent thoroughly afterwards so that it does not get into the washing machine. If the cleaning does not help, it is probably necessary to replace the dosing device. In this case, you will need to dismantle the washing machine, and for this it is best to call specialists.

Check the condition of the supply hose

In order for the washing machine to work properly and for the washing process to be carried out properly, the machine needs a constant supply of water. To provide it with this, every washing machine is connected to an inlet hose that supplies water to the machine. If the device has a problem with the intake of rinse liquid, it is worth checking that the hose is not kinked, pinched, cracked and properly connected. After setting the wash, you can check for leaks in the connections and along the length. In such cases, the water pressure may be too low and therefore the rinse liquid is not collected.

The same situation can occur when the hose is obstructed due to clogging. They have a special grille installed inside, which sometimes gets clogged for various reasons. Unscrewing and gently cleaning the hose should solve the problem. If all the above actions have been performed, and the liquid is still not collected and is still in the chamber after the end of washing, you need to contact a specialist.

What if the cause of the fault is the solenoid valve?

The operation of some washing machine models is regulated by solenoid valves. Double or triple solenoid valves control the water supply to the respective chambers. If a fault occurs in one of them, the valve does not open and, consequently, water does not reach the dispenser drawer. This option should be considered if you have checked all of the above and still have not solved the problem. Are the chambers and valves clean, is the inlet hose clear and not leaking? In this case, you will need to visit a service technician.

Regular cleaning of the washing machine and proper use should prevent the device from malfunctioning. It must be admitted that the failure to draw the rinse liquid is a big problem and should not be underestimated. Therefore, if you do not know how to deal with it yourself, calling a home appliance service will probably be the best solution.

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