How do I prevent bad odors in my home?

Casandra Greer
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What’s that smell? You sniff your nose and smell… What? You don’t know where the bad smell is coming from or how to get rid of it? It’s worth knowing a few tricks that will make your home odour-free in a practical and easy way.

The scent of sea breeze

The simplest solutions are often the best. Take a look at the store’s website: and equip your bathroom, kitchen (or any other room, however, let’s not conceal that these two rooms are most often the source of unpleasant odours) with an air freshener

It is good to have it always at hand, because it will neutralize bad smell in a simple way. Manufacturers compete in producing unusual aromas, such as summer morning, fresh laundry, Japanese garden or classic orchids. Who would not want their home to smell like a Caribbean beach? Air freshener models with a motion sensor, which will spread a beautiful fragrance around the room at the right moment, are also worth attention.

Home air conditioning

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Installing air conditioning is not only a solution for hot weather. By choosing an air conditioner, you reduce the likelihood of bacterial and fungal growth and the unbearable smell of humidity. All thanks to an adequate inflow of fresh air without the need to open windows

This will especially please residents of large cities who have moved in next to a busy street. In this case, the problem is not only noise, but also exhaust fumes – air conditioning solves both these issues. Why else is it worth deciding to install it? Thanks to it, the air is fresh as never before, because the device constantly purifies and ionizes it. If you’re considering installing an air conditioner in your home, check out experienced companies like Klimamika.

Stench coming from the washing machine

Often you are to blame for the unpleasant, musty stench in your bathroom by not using your washing machine properly. If you don’t leave the door open after every wash to let the inside dry completely, you’re exposing the drum to moisture and eventually even fungus and mold. Over time, this will also affect your clothes, which, instead of smelling like fabric softener, will simply be stale. How to deal with a bad smell from the washing machine? Before you reach for the specialized preparations, it’s good to start with home remedies. There are two products that will prove reliable in the fight against musty odors, and everyone will probably find in their kitchen cupboard. These are:

  • vinegar – this is also a great way to fight limescale. All you need is ¾ cup of vinegar and, optionally, a little bit of citric acid, pour this concoction into the liquid tank and set the wash on 90°C. Don’t be afraid of the distinctive vinegar smell, it will evaporate quickly, leaving behind a clean and descaled washing machine interior!
  • baking soda – you probably bought it for your cake and didn’t even think it could come in handy when cleaning. The inconspicuous powder is an ingenious, home-made way to disinfect your washing machine and get rid of the bad smell of moisture. As with vinegar, simply pour ¾ cup of baking soda into the powder chamber and set the wash to 90°C.

Clean air for a good smell

True or false? And how do you actually ensure clean air in your home? Invest in an air purifier – it’s one of the most effective ways to rid a room of bad smells while keeping the air free of pollutants. Depending on what filters it will have built in, it can remove smog, viruses, bacteria or dust mites

If you or someone in your household is allergic, an air purifier is a great way to make their life easier as you can easily find a model that removes all common allergens from the air. If the air in your home is dry – buy an air freshener with a humidifier. However, what if you don’t want to buy another device? A budget solution that will naturally produce the same result is… potted plants

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