Dog allergies are a fairly common household problem. In fact, the source of allergens may not be the fur directly, but saliva or… tears! See which breeds are safe for allergy sufferers or have low allergy sensitivities.

What are the symptoms of a dog allergy?

If you are allergic and have visited friends who have a dog, you probably know that the allergy is manifested by sneezing, nasal discharge and itching. Interestingly, the animal does not have to come into direct contact with the allergic person. It is enough to sit on the same couch as a friend’s four-legged friend a few hours earlier.

The reaction can also be more severe and appear on the skin in the form of redness. In some allergy sufferers, the sensitization also manifests itself with watery eyes, headache, shortness of breath and coughing. However, everything depends on the individual case.

Dogs for allergy sufferers – which breeds are less allergenic?

Due to the fact that most dog allergies are caused by proteins found in various secretions of the animal, there are some breeds that may be less allergenic than others. Among these are the yorkshire terrier, the Maltese and the shih tzu. Interestingly, some allergy sufferers even have poodles at home, which after all have lush hair. However, it compares quite rarely with other breeds.

You can still consider such breeds:

  • schnauzer,
  • bassinets,
  • bichon frise,
  • the Bolognese,
  • labradoodle (a cross between a Labratod retriever and a poodle),

Before taking a pet under your roof, however, you should first make sure to get in touch with dogs of a specific breed. This will allow you to check how your body reacts and whether you feel well after a long playtime.

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