Think about how many times you have struggled with an umbrella while getting in and out of a car, train or bus to avoid getting wet. Interestingly, the first umbrellas appeared as early as 3,000 years ago. They were used in ancient China, Egypt and Greece. That’s how long it took to develop a new gadget: the inverted umbrella!

How does an inverted umbrella look like?

It resembles an ordinary model, but its unique mechanism allows it to fold outward. In this way, it leaves the dry side out. This is the perfect answer to many of the challenges we face when using a traditional umbrella. This unique mechanism effectively protects us from getting wet, especially when getting in and out of a car or public transportation.

The inverted umbrella is a bit heavier than the classic model, but this should not cause much of a problem. Keep in mind that you have to open it to let it dry. Otherwise, the water will be trapped inside

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